Wars Sovereignty Hugo Chavez emerged as the leader necessary for the custody, safeguarding sovereignty. (Or any other choice, dear friend? Or we conform to the invasion or defend ourselves.) His staying power has to be counted as necessary, force major, if necessary, if the target projected as inevitable that our country once again have to defend their war for independence, sovereignty and life. "Gendarme necessary," in Cesar democratic, Vallenilla Laureano Lanz, is the expression to the hand that set me to qualify for Hugo Chavez, on the possibility of a situation in which a predator wants to engulf the country and another country the organic chain Food refuses to be swallowed, with loss of nation, history, identity, sovereignty and territory. "Gendarme necessary," and yet the expression on the recognition would result in "unfortunate" that is a nation that has not matured enough levels of good citizenship and patriotism to the extent as to render unnecessary the invocation of caudillo figures come to exorcise the evils of the republic and try to preserve the autonomy, integrity and sovereignty conquered in the Wars of Independence. Learn more at this site: Cisco. If the country falls into the hands of the opposition political right at last, is portrayed as the causal foreign influences, justifying U.S. military bases in Latin America, silent regarding the breakdown of democracy in Honduras, spoiled of their natural resources ( oil for sale at $ 4) to borrow amateur regardless of mortgaging the entire country, loving the idea of crowning as...

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