NPO Gift Here is philanthropy in accordance with the business sector as a social investment"understood; the investments you want to show a social profit and worthwhile (Frumkin 2003) so to speak: NPOs to be maintained to a certain size and a higher level of capitalization, to increase their organizational performance. There are great opportunities for the NPOs, to build resources and competencies, but many favor that still cut a check and run "concept: A financial transaction without conditions because conditional appears as the best form of support." Criticism of the critics of the new Philanthrokapitalismus Michael Edwards (2008) therefore considers the penetration of the civil society with economic principles due to theoretical considerations with great concern. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Zendaya. Rather, the civil society should change business than vice versa. According to Edwards, this new form perpetuates the Philanthropy global social inequalities and threatens the basis of democracy, as the nonprofit sector now will switch from solidarity on individual competition as a principle of order. A conversion of the NPO sector? To hold the gift to the field of konditionalisierten giving is that there are strong trends in American Philanthropy, to undergo the NPOs on the part of the donors of a greater control and conditionally to make dependent on funds from compliance with clearly defined requirements. A gift without expectation of reciprocity does not exist here, much rather have the tendency to a barter transaction of ala do ut of the. What is however currently...

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