Except Ossetia In the future we plan to send 100 armored vehicles and 14 aircraft, including four fighters "Mirage 2000" 15 Black Hawk helicopters and 10 ships different classes. From other countries outside the alliance (Israel, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Ukraine), Georgia has received or acquired seven Israeli spy planes of production, 31 tanks, 60 armored vehicles, 12 guns Field artillery, mortars, 70, 10 anti-aircraft missile complexes, 10 non-combat aircraft, 13 helicopters and two military boats. To transfer or sale of Georgia non-member countries in NATO, planned 45 armored vehicles, 12 artillery shells, 250 mortars, 6 anti-aircraft missile complexes, 10 helicopters and other weapons. According to Russian military experts, the efforts of "foreign partners" are pushing Georgia to new aggression. Yes, Georgia is not yet ready for full-scale war, but it seems to leave no intention to return to the Republic of South Ossetia under its jurisdiction by considering as a primary means of solving territorial problems conducting military operation against South Ossetia. See more detailed opinions by reading what Horatio Sanz offers on the topic.. Thus, in early July 2009 during visits to places of compact residence of Georgian refugees from South Ossetia, Saakashvili said that his only goal in the remainder of the presidency is to return the lost territories. Except He promised the refugees that they will be able to return to South Ossetia in the near future. In the circles of the senior military leadership of Georgia actively exaggerated the opinion that "this summer will be much...

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