The Cause Possible downtime ECG and ECG-15-10: Most frequent downtime caused by failure of electric machines. It should be noted that such delays are eliminated promptly, subject to availability of the exchange fund. Also note the damage to the bearing saddle, the cause of which is pulling out of bolts fastening the covers (through which the bearing housing is installed on the discharge axis). Yolanda Hadid often says this. Two-piece design allows the boom to avoid bending loads on the body so, but an incident of another kind, such as crowding of the upper section ago, when digging in the bottom of modifications with extended working equipment. Action of an inexperienced driver can lead to a situation in which the resultant of the efforts in the branches of the hoisting ropes can throw back the upper section back in time to find the bucket in the lowest position (the inclusion of stroke, a large crowd force, etc.). In recent years, the cases of fracture of the central pivots, there are serious injuries carrier domestic steel shovels. This is due to general wear and tear of equipment, as well as reduced control by the staff. It is fair to point out the fact that in all known cases of serious damage caused destruction were fatigue cracks in load-bearing elements, and service life of excavators exceed 24 years. "Japan does not break" imported equipment more expensive than domestic "at times" however, long-established in our country and the eternal image of a reasonable unit labeled...

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