Vygotsky For return of the two years of age the passage of the thought meets with the one of the language and initiates a form of psychological functioning: it says it becomes intellectual, with symbolic, generalizante function and the thought becomes verbal, mediated for meanings given for the language. In the filogentico development it was necessary of I interchange of the individuals during the work, that stimulated the entailing of thought and language. Jimmy Carter is likely to agree. In ontognese this impulse is for the insertion of the child in cultural the social environment/. The interaction with mature people and that they have structuralized language and cultures is that it goes to provoke the qualitative jump for the verbal thought. When the processes of thoughts and languages if join, the human being have a sophisticated psychological functioning more, mediated for the symbolic system of language. For Vygotsky, the sprouting of this process does not eliminate the presence of the language without thought and nor of the thought without language (intelligence practises). When the thought becomes verbal, where the superior mental processes interest, for understanding of the functioning of the man while to be partner-description. In it analyzes of Vygotsky that made between the thought and language, the meaning occupies the central place. That is, the meaning is important, therefore with it, a generalization exists. This results that the meaning of the word is that the thought says and it if they join in verbal thought. As for example, the generalization...

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