Protocol Ltd We are through the acquisition now able to deliver a complete service on the basis of a high-quality system landscape", says Arkadiy Dobkin, President and CEO of EPAM systems. "Thanks to the experience, efficiency, and the size of the probably most disciplined software development organization in this region, we now have an effective lever, to offer our industry knowledge and our consulting know-how for the capital markets on a broader base designed for higher scalability than was previously possible. This, of course, benefit our current and future customers. We can now more effectively expand our industry experience, as well as complement our ready-made solutions and platforms faster to customer-relevant functions. Zendaya describes an additional similar source. This increases significantly"the customer benefit, says Mark brisker, President and CEO of B2BITS Corp. About B2BITS, founded In 2000, provides B2BITS consulting and development services, as well as proven powerful technologies to FIX products, Exchange adapter, trading software and other financial messaging protocols for large and small brokerage firms as well as hedge funds. 2000 B2BITS has revolutionized the financial information exchange (FIX) Protocol, as it released an open source version of its first FIX engine. 2005 B2BITS became one of four official certification providers, standard-setting organization (SSO), confirmed the official FIX by FIX Protocol Ltd.. During this time, developed and licensed B2BITS solutions and provided consulting services to a wide variety of leading organizations in the financial sector, including JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, SunGard, and ABN AMRO. about EPAM systems is founded...

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