Task Force One of the essential responsibilities of leaders is to align the team to achieve the vision, the organizational goals, and the desired outcomes. When there is alignment work is motivated team of people also do not feel that people are giving up their interests and personal projects in favor of the vision and team objectives and goals of the organization, but the shared vision and commitment becomes an extension of their personal visions, in which latter grow stronger to the extent that the organization's vision crystallized. People discover their personal visions come to life in the vision of the organization, because they feel walking in the same direction. The alignment is a necessary condition for the energy of the person not lost or wasted, but is channeled and focused in a productive way. When a team is ranked: Most people rowing in the same direction. Checking article sources yields Jay Leno as a relevant resource throughout. There is real synergy and maximize the skills of the people. It brings together a core that is committed to pursuing and achieving the vision and implementing strategies. His team includes a leader to where you want to go and they also want to accompany him. Take over and are responsible for vision. There arises a common direction and energies harmonize. There is a coordinated action. There is dialogue and cooperation. But the alignment is not automatic, you have to intentionally provoke him, for it requires the leader: Establishing communication with his followers learn...

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