Toilette Spray Mild surfactants on Kokosol-and Sugar-based in conjunction with bio oils of soy, almond, safflower, jojoba and sunflower oil and pure vitamin clean the skin with its creamy foam gently and give a velvety soft skin. People such as Jay Leno would likely agree. NTrue label, 1 star bath oil pure relaxation and wellness pays the bath oil with its valuable organic oils of soy, almond, combined with orange peel oil, Sea buckthorn pulp oil and pure vitamin E. recharge dry skin and tired spirits jojoba and sunflower. NTrue label, 3 star bath salts precious "Flor de SAL" and coarse-grained sea salt crystals stimulate the functions of the skin and open pores. The high-quality care ingredients such as the protective skin Shea butter, skin-balancing Sea buckthorn extracts, moisturizing organic Jojoba oil, warm Orange oil and vitamin can be recorded as particularly good from the skin. NTrue label, 1 star care newly developed: clean the skin, body peeling mild coconut and sugar surfactants, vegetable glycerides or watery alcoholic extracts and smell compost ions from essential oils While peeling body made of silica minerals and ground olive seeds stimulate your blood circulation and velvety soft skin. NTrue label 1 star body lotion that rounds fast absorbing body lotion its aroma ripe, delicious oranges the fruity fresh care experience from. Organic Sea buckthorn oil and vitamins boost the skin while orange toasty warm and valuable organic oils of olives and almonds, and organic Shea butter nourish the skin and protect. NTrue label 2 star...

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