Software Modules Orders Low-cost, mobile order entry for sales representatives and sales associates 2003 brought the first software modules with the product name JScanIt in connection with the former SPT1800 PalmComputern by symbol technologies on the market. These KITs have been recorded since then by customers with enthusiasm, work exclusively with these solutions. Customers who used the former engine order and catalog, told us that she, achieved a sales increase of up to 20 per cent within a very short time due through more effective and error-free recording of data. Also liked the intuitive and above all very easy operability with the customers immediately along came. Ease of use and intuitive application the macro IDENT for sales representatives and sales representatives the two software modules to TAG and catalog now revised and brought up to date. The two modules also run on the State of the art PalmComputer PDA JANAM XP30 PalmOS operating system known for its reliability (here: PalmOS 5.4.9) Garnet). The special features of this complete system is the ease of use and intuitive application, which makes it very easy for anyone to start immediately with the application. In addition, deliberately not using functions was overloaded. If necessary, the application on the customer's request can be adapted quickly and individually. The service very praised by customers of macro IDENT still contributes to the success of this application. Profits within a short time a trade representatives reached with this mobile order entry"incl. catalogue module a saving of 20 minutes per order, so...

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