Territorial Division One of the first activities econmicasdesenvolvidas in this region was the vegetal extrativismo, that in the opinion of Monteiroet al (1997), if detached in the produoeconmica of the Amaznia, exactly because the forest if constituted in dosprincipais spaces of production, which had, mainly, to the great amount ediversidade of existing species in it. Amongst the extracted species of the mentioned region partirdo colonial period, if detaches the rubber, the cacao and chestnut-do-Par (currently known as chestnut-do-Brazil). However, these developed species eoutras in the agriculture of the Amazon region, had been and are produzidaspara the exportation, as much for the Center-South of the country, as for other countries. With regard to the culture of vegetal species, if it planted oguaran, urucu, the mauve, jute, pepper-do-kingdom and one variety defrutas, such as cupuau, bacuri, pupunha and aa. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili and gain more knowledge.. In the agreement cited dosautores above, the growth of the culture of these products reflects papelda region in the Territorial Division of the Work, as much the national level as the anvel International. Therefore, from there, if it intensifies the paper of the comoexportadora region of primary products, whereas, in the local markets, it is perceived reduction of offers and the growth of the prices of these products. Of this form, agriculture comes playing a role dedestaque in the last decade, being that Par 5 and the Tocantins had started to produce great amounts of grains, such comoarroz, maize, beans...

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