Dusseldorf Classic Design Elegance and modern gemstone jewelry from the jewellery channel combines classic design with modern jewelry ideas gems are very rare minerals and characterized by their special beauty and colour. Times they shimmer in a strong color, times, the light breaks into their elaborate grinding and countless colors are reflected. Gems are still a great fascination for viewers and makers and lend sparkle to every piece of jewelry. Precious stone jewellery from the jewellery channel combines with elegant and modern design and offered at surprisingly affordable prices. Gems from the jewellery channel the whole palette of colors there are gems of the jewellery channel in all possible colours and colour combinations. So, the jewelry designer process green emeralds or aquamarines, whose Farben range from sea-green to deep blue. In combination with silver created modern jewelry, which includes yet also classic character and can be worn for any occasion. The jewelry channel jewelry fans can the highest quality gems buy. Each piece of jewelry is very precious and elaborately processed and can be offered but at an affordable price, because the beautiful minerals direct from the mine. Costly middlemen are consistently omitted, and this saving is passed on to the customers. The precious gems dealt with also in own processing factories, where special grinding techniques to reveal the unique luster of gemstones. High-quality designer jewellery of designer jewellery the jewellery channel combines elegance and modernity. The jewelry Designer design abstract and imaginative shapes, combined with traditional materials. A special feature is so...

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