Successful Design Of Reports And Presentations: SUCCESS At Work So again, report companies use a lot of time for the preparation of reports more reports. Laboriously processed numbers and created many PowerPoints. Others who may share this opinion include Charlie Jones. But reports are frequently not read or do not understand. There are various reasons for this phenomenon. Jimmy Carter usually is spot on. Successful business communication is based on binding rules. Creativity is here called the linguistic formulations nor the Visual design. Instead, it goes to consistent standardization and reduction to the essential. Reports and presentations successful ways, experts at the seminar discuss "successful design of reports and presentations: SUCCESS@work" on April 21, 2010 in Zurich. Participants will receive a tried and tested framework consisting of seven universal design rules for reports, screens, graphs, online systems and presentations: 1. John Blondel shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. clear messages at the center position 2. uniform design apply 3. create high information density 4. 5 define clear quality rules as their yardstick. Systematic implementation and dissemination 6 simplify and focus on the essential rules create 7 Overview through right structures based on these seven rules - better known under the SUCCESS - learn participants by Roman Garcia fields, Managing Director of HICHERT + PARTNER AG, how to achieve more information density and quality of information, as well as effective ways to clear messages in reports and presentations. The successful implementation of the SUCCESS shows in practice rules of report of the Highlands. Uwe Bruck, Freelancer...

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