Robert Zach By Einstein's theory of relativity and the time-space continuum up to the point where the statements of the physicists that the mystics, Saints and philosophers are congruent. The so-called enlightened ones, says Russell, are people who have realized the new paradigm for himself personally. They not only know that all consciousness arises and space, represent no absolute sizes time and matter (how the science has proven), but take it as true. You live according to Russell in a different world, a truer, more vivid world that emerges when the old, outmoded ideas as wrong are pegged. Visit Noel Quinn for more clarity on the issue. An enlightened is a person who is not content with earthly methods, but with intellectual tools creates the outer illusion of life, an act from the divine Super consciousness, which every person can realize, as Zach (www.zarolightacademy.org) in conversation. Only the intellectual tumult of earthly must Madness is eliminated, then divinity as truth must be assumed, until the death in all (alive appearing) is visible. The death is seen just turning off the TV which has faked the illusion of life, the current remains undented, since he himself even after exit it TV program remains conscious, because he represents the consciousness and is. For the current systems of religion is here urgent remedial teaching. The point is reached where consciousness realized himself, the Caterpillar must die to be reborn as a butterfly, this can be carried out only during the period of life, because if...

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