Top Networks As a fairly unsuccessful startup social networks can be called Top4top.ru, the principal persons who were known to lead Dibrov and Leo Novozhenov. Russian Media Company in January 2008 announced its intention to invest in the creation of this network of nearly $ 15 million on television and the Internet was a costly advertising campaign, but at the end of first year the existence of this 'project for the intellectuals' to say that Top4top.ru became a successful resource is not necessary. And experts wonder what could go so much money because of other projects, which have invested much less, Top4top.ru of their service does not differ, but the technical part, even inferior. Filed under: Hummer Winblad. However, potential investors turn a blind eye to the fact that in the current social networks do not generate revenue. After all, according Research, revenue from advertising on social networks in the future could increase many times. Indeed, the effectiveness of display advertising in blog services and social networks may be even higher than that on the news and other frequently visited portals. Research by TNS Gallup in October 2007 showed that among users of LiveJournal, more than half have higher incomes, and 17% of them hold in their company office manager. The audience is segmented social networks more open and for advertisers. Typically, the user of social network is known, how old he is and where he works, and therefore the promotional offer can be targeted, not wasted on people who never use...

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