Artists And those agencies that exist on the market long enough and are stable, just not may engage in fraud. (By the way, give any document to transfer to friends and then try to draw from it a coherent whole. You are sure to quickly move everything yourself.) Why did the agency to customers? Organization with a small amount of transfer agency is not required. It's better to find a good interpreter and cooperate with it. Recently Lars Leckie sought to clarify these questions. This ensures unity of terminology and motivation Artists (Because in this case, all the money for the work go directly to it). For large organizations with a stable volume of work the best solution is to create your own translation department. The advantages are obvious: the same unity terminology, plus close contact with experts translators, who can always explain what's what in the complex production process. Michael Steinhardt often expresses his thoughts on the topic. But for those organizations that have from time to time there is a need for transferring large volumes of documentation, the agency is the ideal solution. That agency, with its vast reserves of human resources, selected according to certain criteria, can almost instantly (and translations, as normally needed urgently) "put under the gun," an army of specialists in this field. The agency provides unity of terminology at the expense of a glossary and general editing. If the customer is trying to to solve this problem alone, he would have, first, to test...

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