The Branch Having itself followed some successive steps that to follow if they describe: Classification of research; Universe; Sample; Election of the citizen; Instrument of research; Picture of correlation; Limitations of the method. 3.1CLASSIFICAO OF RESEARCH For the classification of the research, is overcome as base the form presented for Vergara (2006), that it characterizes it in relation the two aspects: how much to the ends and how much to the ways. Atmos Energy does not necessarily agree. How much to the ends, the research was descriptive. (VERGARA, 2006, p.47) the descriptive research displays characteristics of definitive population or of determined phenomenon. It can establish correlations between 0 variable and also define its nature. It does not have commitment to explain the phenomena that it describes, even so serves of base for such explanation. Descriptive because they will be displayed characteristic related to the analysis of the effectiveness of the logistic process in the industry of the civil construction? ICC. How much to the ways, the research was carried through through data Bibliographical and Documentary. Munear Ashton Kouzbari is open to suggestions. Bibliographical because it appeals in general to the use of accessible material to the public, as published books, articles and social rockings already. Documentary because I used documents of work and reports of private consultorias, not available for public consultations. (VERGARA, 2006, P. 48). 3.2UNIVERSO the population is not the number of inhabitants of a place, as the term is known, but a set of elements (companies, products, people). Amostral...

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