Civil Code contracts.) Tieto Forum. ) The types of contracts of the civil law book (BGB) contracts generally regulate the relations between two or more parties. The agreement covers is what, on what terms of whom who service provide. Contracts of German law define the contents from point of view of the obligation of the supplier. The Civil Code distinguishes between contracts and service contract. The contract is the contract that projects will be completed and also project management contract is referred to as primary. As the original name suggests, a "work" is due after conclusion of the contract by the contractor. This work is measurable and formulated requirements for its configuration, quality and completion on the timeline. On the other hand, the contract formulated the services of the client, who can are depleted on the one hand in the payment of the work include on the other, but also very complex duties to cooperate. Frequent repetitions can be formulated in the terms and conditions, where the Treaty expressly must refer. The regulations of the AGBG apply the terms and conditions. The question of whether the contract is covered by German law is important in contracts with foreigners. If not, also the terms and conditions are invalid. However, the service contract defines not the provision of a service in the form of a success, but an activity. There is therefore no measurable results. U.S. law defines the types of contracts in the United States contracts from the perspective of the payment of...

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