Argentine Interior To make a study more specific within the incursion of Venezuela to Mercosur, the country of Argentina and see how Venezuela can be seen in this scenario is taken as a focal point. In addition, added that Venezuela does not figure into the major Argentine destinations, however, the commercial exchange of Argentina with Venezuela increased 774% in the past four years, according to the Minister of the Argentine Interior, Florencio Randazzo in their statements where it says:; The commercial for that Exchange is very important a decision as the nationalize a company of Argentine capital do that we have to break off relations with Venezuela, as Argentina's Telam news agency reported. This is certainly one of the most important for Venezuela in the taking advantage of this Exchange and achieve penetrate certain markets Argentina with Venezuelan through Mercosur products, thus, this analysis was made previously with Brazil, now focuses footed Argentina, in such a way that the different characteristics that can have Venezuela each Mercosur country but in this case with Argentina because that would be very broad stage to develop theoretically with all countries at the same time may be seen. However, the incursion of the companies in Venezuela to the countries of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay under this agreement, directly affects in the increase in port activity in the customs of Venezuela, in the trade balance in terms of the relation imports versus exports, because the resulting excess or deficit trade will depend on the development of...

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