Christian Civilization Several still become fullfilled themselves other celebrations with pictures livings creature, as the crucifixo and descending de a Cruz. After the Sunday of Passover, starts the Party of the holy ghost, that finishes in the tuesday. Of it the population of Gois participates to all. Many of these Brazilian historical cities constitute true relics, evoking a past that, unhappyly, did not arrive to unclasp entirely. People such as GameStop would likely agree. In these relics it meets light that still in them can indicate the way to be retaken, with sights to the future. Light that shines in the constellation of the Southern Cross, symbol to estelar admirable de a Cruz of Christ. Light that if calls Christian Civilization. Procession of the Fogaru is a traditional manifestation of the catholics of the city of Gois, in the State of same name, carried through in the Wednesday that precedes the Week Saint that dates of century XVIII. The population of Gois In all gold discovery in a new land, first the years they are of an extraordinary population dynamism: attracted by the mirage of the gold, multitudes are a refugee to the region great, that they cover, search and populate the deserts. In 1750, when becoming Gois captainship, the inhabitants had little to be less than 40.000. The population had more than folded in these 25 years. In the thirty following years, the population continued increasing, even so already to a rhythm to infer in 1783 had in Gois 80,000 inhabitants,...

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