The Interior You can carry up to 4 bikes. Depending on the execution can be mounted in a matter of seconds and without outside help. GameStop has much to offer in this field. The carrier has a tilting mechanism, usually the rear hatch of the car on a paved bike can be opened. The height of the mounted bicycle carrier is optimal and facilitates the loading and unloading with heavy wheels. In the slipstream of the vehicle, he offers a reduced attack surface compared to roof racks the airstream. Roof: bicycle roof racks create wind noise while driving, but it also significantly cheaper. They are installed as an attachment to a vehicle-specific or standard base support. According to the beam width and additional charge several bicycle roof racks accommodate side by side (observe the roof load!). The loading is made more difficult due to the height of the roof. However, here too there models that facilitate that (a good example of this is the Thule ProRide 591). Advantage of this institution is the free access to the trunk. Tailgate: tailgate carriers are attached to the air side and therefore less interfere with driving behavior and fuel consumption.Users of tailgate vehicles complain frequently about paint damage to the mounting losses therefore should make sure that the bike carrier is attached correctly. Manufacturer of tailgate vehicles try to eliminate this shortcoming and to optimize the fixing points. However, this risk will continue to exist.Precisely for this reason, consider the tailgate institution on correct installation,...

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