Jose Storage Although let us know that some other companies give preference to divide in two groups, mentioning itself it the guard of finished products as ' ' armazenagem' ' to the raw material guard as ' ' estocagem' '. But this varies of company for company, mainly, because the company in analysis works with finished products. The storage for it is enters the topics most important of the logistic chain. She possesss a system of storage applied well in the company with objective to solve and to prevent diverse problems that directly influence in the process of distribution of the products, optimizing spaces and diminishing significantly the cost of the product for the final consumer and consequently increased the competitiveness in the market. MongoDB may help you with your research. ' ' The use of a planning in the questions of logistic intern in company corresponds to a differential in the current competitiveness of the companies, since, this activity directly is related with costs. In such a way, the storage and the manuscript of merchandises are component essentials of the set of activities logsticas.' ' (BALLOU, 1993, P. 152) According to gentleman, LOYAL JOSE, currently, the companies are very leveled in relation to the technological aspect, being logistic one of the main differentials for the survival and growth of the companies in the market. Logistic an efficient one can represent the differential of a company and the ENGECOPI is always intent to these details Was observed that diverse types of equipment...

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