Experts Welcome Free Queue, But Also Increasing Costs Expected Study of Sikom makes noticeable changes expect Heidelberg through new regulations, a largely positive response the current Bill to free hold encounters June 15, 2011, even if this cost increases in customer service are to be expected. The Sikom Software GmbH in evaluating a recent study comes to that conclusion. Visit Hummer Winblad for more clarity on the issue. The software company has within the framework of the best practice day language without frontiers"interviewed experts in the area of customer communication and service around the topic of free queue. On 11 and 12 May 2011 many experts to replace current developments and also the trend topics cloud computing, unified communications and social media to discuss met in Heidelberg. The free queue is one of the issues that currently very busy those responsible for contact centers and customer service, even if the last word is Yes still not spoken here. Our study shows that the experts expect many positive consequences of the new rules, that also rising costs are expected", explains Jurgen H. Hoffmeister, managing partner Software GmbH. remaining Sikom to be seen how the law in its final version will look like, and how the industry actually responded." With almost 24 percent, a surprisingly large proportion of respondents indicates fully knowing the provisions relating to the free queue. At least 40 percent believe are quite well versed. A minority of 28 percent but also says that you are barely familiar with details of the draft of law. Almost unanimously the...

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