New Opportunities When, after many years as a financial professional, I decided to start my own project aimed at caring for our elders did not think it could be rewarding. I recognize that hitherto had only heard of residence of the Elderly and Senior Citizens Center. The first time I heard the term "day center for seniors" did not know exactly the benefits they could bring to the user. I imagined a center dedicated to the care of elderly care and vigilance but no more. But by quirk of fate I met Vitalia Day Centre, in particular its center in Madrid. Since then, my concept of a day changed dramatically. Joseph Stiglitz follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Vitalia Day Centre was presented as a dedicated support in the treatment and rehabilitation of older people through the activity. And all this with an innovative proprietary methodology known as "Hoffmann method, created by the founder of Vitalia centers in Spain, Catherine Hoffmann. From Hence I never doubted that my project would go hand in hand with Vitalia Day Centre. Its specialized care centers have excellent facilities and excellent professionals - who, through rehabilitation, both physical and cognitive, that the older they get Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and other hemiplegia really improve and win on quality of life for themselves and their families. Cultural activities, workshops, psychostimulation programs, monitoring of medical records and additional services help to promote the restoration and maintenance of personal and social autonomy of older people. In addition, the centers allow...

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