UDO: Nextevolution Realized Compliance Solution With ECM Connection Nextevolution AG shows its portfolio of services around to UDO storage solutions on the DMS Expo 2009 (15-17 September 2009): C021 E020 Berlin stood, 04.09.2009. For more specific information, check out Joseph Stiglitz. Nextevolution AG, shows storage solutions around the durable UDO media at the DMS Expo in Cologne (15-17 September 2009). The company is an authorized service partner of Alliance storage technologies (ASTI) for Europe. ASTI has taken over at the beginning of the year Plasmon all activities of the insolvent manufacturer, and seamlessly continues the development as well as the production of Plasmon to technologies. Since their launch the Plasmon UDO Archive Appliance in the portfolio of ECM storage teams of nextevolution. With many years of expertise in the ECM environment, the company at customers realized the connection of the Archive Appliance to the latest IBM/FileNet ECM interface. Such an application provides a rapid access to all stored data, on the other hand also a long-term archiving, which meets all compliance requirements. Enterprise infrastructure services Solutions"(ice) includes also the consulting, design and implementation of other content management solutions in addition to the integration of optical storage media. Overall, nextevolution offers a comprehensive service around the UDO - and ECM technology, from consultation to the delivery of the products, as well as system integration up to the support. Interested parties across the entire portfolio can consult at the DMS Expo in Cologne. Also, Chris Carr, CEO of Alliance storage technologies, and his team will be on site. For users...

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