Education Writing Of the interpretation of a mathematics problem, passing for the understanding of a same text of sciences or a literature book, until a requirement to express what they think and they feel for the writing, the pupils is submitted to a level each more complex time of requirements in what they refer to the aspects of learning to learn. In a world guided for the wave of the knowledge, to find more healthful and efficient forms each time of appropriation, for the pupil, of the basic tools of the letramento sets in the order of the day. In this direction, it fits, in the field of the research in education, to consider radically new forms to learn that they are adjusted to the necessities of the new technological standard of production. Ahead of realities that if imposes do not seem adequate no climate nostalgic and yes of affirmation, of search, searches and knowledge of potentialities that if opens for all with the current metamorphoses of the culture, in what it says respect to the new technologies of the information and the communication, especially the computer, that is reorganizing our current economy of writing. The proper cultural status of the writing and the method of book production potentially had been also modified. When the automation advances, is clearly that the information is the more important consumer good. According to Kleiman (1995): ' ' We can define the letramento today as a set of practical social that uses the writing, while symbolic...

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