The Items Arrange all the furniture along the walls, releasing, thus center of the room. Check with Columbia University to learn more. If possible, replace the conventional door slaydingovymi (sliding), which do not require additional space to open. Vivid detail (floor vase or floor lamp) to move into the farthest from the entrance angle room, drawing attention to themselves, it creates a feeling of more space. Instead of several small picture frames and kartinochek better hang on a wall alone, but the big picture with a picture in bright colors. Facilitate space translucent curtains and blinds, but from the tablecloth on the table should be abandoned. Pay attention to the color of objects around you (wallpaper, furniture, curtains, floor, ceiling), because the effect of color on a feeling space more than significant. The main rule is: bright cool colors (blue, pearl white, pale green, beige, yellow and white of course) make it easier to visualize the room and pushing its boundaries. Of course, not needed to transform a room in a white hospital room, it's not very comfortable, not too practical in terms of further exploitation. Remember that the interior of a single color will make the room a bit more, so make sure that curtains, furniture, flooring and wall color blended well with each other and in any case do not contradict each other. No less important ornamental wallpaper, upholstery, curtains and other large enough interior parts. Thus, the small pale figure visually increases the surface area, and horizontal stripes lengthen...

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