Creating A Peaceful Home Space With the renovation of an apartment or house, sooner or later have to face almost everyone. Regardless of whether you decide to use the services of professional designers or design to take home in their own hands, there is question: should look like your interior that was in it not only beautiful, but warm, cozy and comfortable for you. To broaden your perception, visit Columbia University. Therefore not be amiss to starting repairs, get acquainted with some impurity of feng shui. This Taoist practice design space can be treated differently: to blindly follow every recommendation, transforming your house into a temple of Chinese culture, replete with symbols and amulets, or just declare the feng shui and idolatry not considered when creating an interior. Nevertheless, from the first version still retains the desire to live not in a temple obscure eastern cultures, and in a comfortable and beautiful apartment. And the second persistently distracting thoughts about people that by personal example demonstrated that the organization of space according to the laws of harmony brought them success and prosperity. The question arises: what if you try to find a middle ground? Use some tricks - Worse in fact from it will not. And the best could well be! So, let's see how gently apply to the interior of the culture, evolving for millennia, and designed to attract wealth into your home, love and prosperity. In order to draw the house wealth (and wealth in Oriental philosophy is understood not only as having...

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