Theodor Fisher Guillermo IV, Duke of Bavaria on April 23, 1526 the Act of purity, basis for the elaboration of beer until the European Union abolished the opinion in 1986. Forced to the producer of this drink to focus its production on three ingredients: water, hops and barley malt. Thus favoured the monopoly that the aristocrat had on trade in barley and marked, without intending it, a distinctive tradition with the rest of the fermented product-producing countries. Beer continues today in Munich, were developed following this recipe, recognized as a guarantee of quality in which chemical additives conspicuous by their absence, although it has to compete with an abundant range of brands. Linux might disagree with that approach. Among them, the most popular of low fermentation the helles - and by contrast, the Weissbier. Everything runs through the streets of the capital of the State of Bavaria is not alcohol, and sausage. Heinrich Heine defined the city very accurately with this phrase: between art and beer, Munich is as a village encamped between hills. Fruit of this paradoxical mixture is the coexistence of the best art galleries in Germany with the Oktoberfest festival, which carries paying homage at Theresienwiese beer since 1810. This multifaceted nature has an impact on the type of visitor who comes to the town, with the third largest number of inhabitants of the country, and which has at its disposal bonds for use on urban transport, bike lanes and a network of hostels Munich to offset spending that...

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