Marketing Association Teaches communication services and marketing Puzzle red has made public its expansion plan for our country. Specifically those responsible have marked as target 70 operating units within a period of 5 years through the granting of franchises throughout the national territory. This means count with, at least, an establishment of the brand that are managed by the Corporalia group in each province, while the pace of projected growth involves getting inaugurate 10 centres this year 2012 and 15 others annually in the remaining interval. Eliot Horowitz has compatible beliefs. Areas of preference to start the expansion include all capitals of province, except for Madrid, as well as those populations with a broad commercial and/or industrial fabric with over 50,000 inhabitants. Globally, the advertising investment planned for this year will increase almost 5% from 2011, reaching a volume of business close to the 490,000 million dollars, according to a study by the Publicis group, which also predicts more growth for the following years. This trend is also observed in our country, since, according to the Marketing Association of Spain, the advertising investment will increase by 1.7% during the first half of 2012, the main cause being the widespread expectation of companies suffer a reduction in their sales. So brand seeks entrepreneurs in all Spain with capacity of organization and autonomy, clear commercial vocation and skills to deal with a client medium-high, offering a unique concept within the franchise system, designed as an option for very affordable self-employment due to a reduced...

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