Do Good With Every Purchase - Online Shoppers Become Donors JOINT press release of SHOPPROPS UG and the Alliance development helps Munich/Berlin, March 12, 2010 - the new Web service ShopProps - your purchase donates - connects shopping at nearly 200 online stores with the donation for a good cause. The customer is paying more not a penny, donates the premium partner of ShopProps, or a charity of his choice but up to 15% of the purchase value of the Alliance helps development. The website is launched today. The idea "came to me while Anne will special, was called in to make donations for the Alliance helps development", explains Harald Wagner, one of the founders of ShopProps. "The principle is simple: buy and do good without it in addition in the Pocket." Because at ShopProps, discounts are the online shops shopping,-portals provide, directly to the good thing. By default, the savings as a donation to the Alliance helps development goes. The user has also the possibility of a charity of his choice to seek out. Despite all good intentions, the founder of Harald Wagner, Thomas Hubner, Martin Cichowski and Detlef clarify that money is earned with ShopProps. "We want to build up a healthy company, that long term positive influence on willingness to donate in the society", says Detlef Hubner. "Because many small purchases can move together a lot." Already at the start of the page ShopProps shopping opportunities offers almost 200 partners. "There is something for everyone: from medicine to bank account, from office supplies to perfume, from fashion...

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