Senior Home Or Prefer A 24-hour Nurse Fo At Home? Senior homes combine the annual Christmas party will be happy with an open day. Elderly persons or the nationals get a first impression of the health care facility. Nobody care whether the needy person drinking sufficiently. For body care and repositioning of patients, the nurses have no time. Especially the body care is extremely neglected. In many homes is recorded while in the daily log, that the patient has been washed, however this happens if enough just once a week. That the nursing homes suffer from staff shortages, it has long been known, seniors pflege24.com be hit by deficiencies in nursing homes increasingly public. There is talk even of shock. Because constantly there is a staff shortage, the few nurses are totally overwhelmed and often absolutely inappropriate to respond. Between Christmas and new year, many members have decided to take their families out of the nursing home. You could and wanted it no longer answer, that a family member is made simply. A family from Munster took the greatly suffering from dementia mother home, since she had already ingrown toenails. A woman from Mannheim took her aunt from the retirement home for Christmas. As she her when maintaining the denture, it finds that very vividly, was under the graft. Maggots had settled there already there. The relevant nursing home did not comment on this situation today. Now, this woman is served by a domestic caregiver. However someone can take care within the family only rarely for infirm relatives. For this,...

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