Police Modernization POLICE modernization by: Hugo Muller Solon Colonel PNP lawyer ago a few days, the Minister of the Interior Octavio Salazar Miranda accompanied by the Director of police, made a clear political circuit, using as a pretext the citizen security; organized pompous ceremonies of patrolmen to the PNP purchased with the contributions of all Peruvians and their media discourse was privileged with this reason; Arequipa, Moquegua, Tacna, Pisco, Canete, Lambayeque, La Libertad, were some of the scenarios. In one of his visits he said: I have already willing to modernize the police organisation, because while most prevent there will be fewer investigations. Does modernised?. They are surely Mr Salazar Miranda provisions that do not know the essence of police work to understand like police modernization only the purchase of new patrol vessels or maybe computers, uniforms or weapons. The police modernization implies not only the renewal of the logistical support or substantive advances, nor have greater means and human resources; at the same time they have to face the demands and requirements of citizens with new intervention techniques; the strategy of traditional police management applied in the city of Trujillo, for example, is clearly insufficient and ineffective, given that expectations and nature of the problem are in permanent mutation. More troopers do not solve the problem. The main thing is to restore public confidence in police-community relations and to demonstrate capacity to build stewardship strategic allies in society, as regards management and change in the PNP. Internationally, this nexus is the...

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