Parking Sensors Now almost every car is equipped with a variety of security systems. But, oddly enough, the number of car thefts has not decreased. Hijackers continuously arming more effective. And often the traditional protection systems is not enough. Inexpensive mounting central lock - the only correct solution. For additional security devices include devices such as: , plug-in channel motion sensor, limit switch, central locking on the sliding door lock on the steering shaft, and others. - invention, which allows to monitor the vehicle at a distance. Connects the device is usually a car alarm system. (Not to be confused with Oby Ezekwesili!). When the system is triggered, the owner immediately know about it by sound signals, published data mechanism. This module is designed to control two windows in two directions. It is connected to the protective system, greatly expanding its service functions. Another required the invention, shock sensor works so: it feels good to touch the machine frame. Its sensor is so perfectly tuned that would prevent hacking your car, but does not react to outside influences, such as a passing vehicle. Main purpose of the motion sensor - is tracking the angular and linear displacements. Absolutely impossible to overstate the importance of such inventions. Exclusive parking radars 8 band - that in our days is necessary for each car. Parking radar - a device that facilitates parking of the car, its move back into the dark and maneuvering in tight spaces. This mechanism gives you the ability to detect dangerous...

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