Assembly General Where there is a soul, there is hope. Proverb much has given that talk in the last few months the case of Cuba with respect to the OAS and as it is known after intense debates, the 39TH Assembly General of the Organization of the American States (OAS) has just concluded in Honduras with a resolution that brought an end to the suspension of Cuba as a full, without conditions of any member. Thus as cubalamano.net highlights OAS sought to amend a historic mistake made in 1962, when it suspended participation in the Inter-American system of this Caribbean island's Socialist Government, under pressure from the United States at their meeting in Honduras. The Foreign Minister of Honduras, Patricia Rodas, read out the text of two points, adopted by consensus, which repealed the resolution 662, on January 31, 1962, which departed to Cuba of this hemispheric body on the grounds that it had changed its course towards Marxism-Leninism. Rhodes, one of the main architects of the resolution, said excited that a split of now the participation of Cuba in the OAS will be restored through dialogue at the request of Cuba and in the framework of the democratic practices that govern the OAS. The foregoing constitutes the second point of the resolution and, as the host country of this Assembly, we welcome this apology made to the island. We have begun to construct a new story in our relations of tolerance, respect, solidarity, self-determination of peoples and the right to organize...

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