Patent Registrations The capitalist system in which many live imposes the need to differentiate products and services of others who have already been made with the same characteristics. This differentiation is achieved through a brand that allows competition in the market. Is working toward the ultimate goal of advertising: to promote and offer products and services allegedly qualified. This is, without doubt, the main value of the brand. However, it also provides the company and its product or service its own identity, differentiates it above its competitors and the consensus value increases above the non-branded or whose brand is almost unknown in the market . And that is another major component of brand value. But for that lasts and lasts identity registration needed in bodies dedicated to it in each country. Although time and effort required to perform certain procedures, do not forget that large companies would launch a product NEVER without proper registration of its mark. They know that consumers are attracted to brands that represent quality and trust and brand allows its products and services are differentiated on the market. Therefore, any serious company knows that their brand should be jealously protected. And the best way to do this is through the registration of the trademark and everything associated with it: logos, stationery, etc. The record, in some countries known as 'patent' of a trademark gives its owner the exclusive right to use and exploit commercially to identify all services and products. Roughly speaking, all countries have laws guaranteeing the...

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