Edgar Morin Thus, the set of them constitutes a ininteligvel puzzle. Therefore, the new model of education must prevent title intelligence. It still considers the false rationality as one of the essential problems. He tells that, dressing the mantle of only rational being of the planet, the Man already considered and executed measured that, beyond not deciding the considered problems, they aggravate the situations and the consequences still return but devastadoras to the proper Man. He cites the laws that they regulate but they do not prevent the deforestation and they provoke desertificao, agricultural exodus and consequent increase of the suburban misery. Of this false morality catastrophes result human beings whose victims and whose consequences not recognized nor are entered, as she becomes with the victims of the natural catastrophes. It locks up the chapter questioning us if it would not have the new century if to emancipate of the control of the mutilated and mutiladora rationality, so that the mind human being could, at last, to control it? In III the chapter, Edgar Morin considers the essencialidade to teach to the condition human being and affirms that the education of the future will have to be first and universal education, centered in the condition human being. To know the human being are, before more nothing, to point out it in the universe, and not to separate it of it as we saw in the previous chapters. In the current patterns the education is broken up and the human being continues esquartejado,...

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