Setup Blog OmmCMS Thematic website (blog) This version is designed to create and manage thematic site. At this site can be carried out in traditional form and as popular now a blog. The main focus of this type of site - is creating a major resource on the specific topic in order to attract a large number of interested audience and subsequent earnings on this web site by placing contextual advertising, direct ad sales advertisers, as well as to advertise their goods (services) and commodities (services) sold in affiliate programs. Originally OmmCMS Thematic website (blog) has an optimal structure for the promotion in search engines. Ann Winblad may help you with your research. It is possible to control all the parameters that affect search engine optimization. And in fact already done everything necessary for search engine optimization, but the site content and ensure the content of external links. The template came with the program is very simple and designed that it will be dealt with not only great experts in the field of site building, but beginners taking their first steps into the html and css. The standard template can be subsequently replaced with any other. Hummer Winblad Venture often addresses the matter in his writings. The system is very flexible and allows you to use any design template, without exception, although in some cases may require some experience in layout and programming. Immediately after Setup your site is protected from spammers, and many other security threats. It is also worth noting...

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