Foundation Customer Total loyalty marketing by Anne M. Schuller and Gerhard Fuchs now in 5. expanded and updated edition released loyalty leadership: the entrepreneurial sustainability strategy no. 1 loyalty is much more easily between two people than between people and more or less anonymous company. Companies that have a high employee turnover, (natural or prescribed by controllers), have therefore customer loss. In many businesses, it is just because of this a friendly person who knows a long. Customers are so often the employees compared with faithful and not the company. And sellers like to take their customers, if they change the company. Often the reasons for churn are even much deeper. So the wrong candidate selection, a problematic operating climate, play an important role outdated leadership, bureaucratic structures and processes, internal lack of understanding of the emotional side of the customer and false sales strategies. An all-round consideration comes only these deeper Reasons on the track. The management process of total loyalty marketing is a holistic management approach requires that the the three strategic success factors marketing employees customer networked with one another - from the customer's perspective. Total loyalty marketing is such an approach. This aligns the whole company, every marketing tool and each individual employee to the customer. Loyalty is firmly in the company's strategy as well as in the corporate culture. At the beginning of total loyalty marketing is the loyalty-focused analysis. This first step it aims to systematically tap his environment and the company loyalty potential. The next...

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