The Smallest Gold Euro In The World Comes From France World novelty: issue date in April 2010 (pdn) is the smallest even before its official release champion. With a diameter of only 11 millimeters, France introduces the world's smallest gold output in euro currency. This underlines the Mint Monnaie de Paris the importance of this still relatively young Sammelgebietes that allows almost anyone access to a secure gold investment in economically uncertain times. The world's smallest gold euro has the famous Abbey of Cluny on the subject: the French convent was regarded as one of the most important and influential religious power centers of Christianity in the middle ages and can look back this year on its 1100 anniversary. Get more background information with materials from Ann Winblad. The powerful monastery adorns the front of the coin with the including nominal of 5 euro. The currency has only symbolic value, but identifies the coin as official means of payment. The reverse depicts the famous head of the goddess of Europe, which adorned other French coins. One additional allegory that find sower, we on the second French gold euro of this year, to the smallest gold euro series"is one. This is slightly larger than the Cluny-Euro piece 13,92 millimeters in diameter. "The front is dedicated to the theme of 50 years of new franc" with the olive branch image elements and wheat ear - symbols of 1960 by a monetary reform introduced new "francs. A total six international smallest gold euros in 2010 "issued. In addition to the two French gold...

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