Pride Relation Considered for many as a sin, for others the result of certain egocentrismo, cannot be left to fall in one esparrela of feeling degradante, therefore it foments in subject to the valuation of itself, a source of dither to the proper one to be, one esteem for what it will go to follow it for its existence, its proper person. In the pride, that if searchs the recovery, when auto-they esteem meets in low, or in relation to the other people's disdain, that many times reflects only one self-centered one, that it desires to inflame itself in detriment of the other people's qualities, lowering the other something insignificant before its arrogance. The proud one possesss the conquered security, for recognizing its potentiality, if not making victim in a dependence relation submissa, as it occurs in certain examples, being able to cite the master-employed relation or governor-citizen, not that it must forget them rules the society, which had to the effective sanctions, even so can make it and assume the responsibility for the act, as fulfilment of sentence, but what it matters is the condition of not placing itself to the edge, but yes in evidence. To be proud is to be cliente of its paper, its participation as agent, beyond the evidence that apprehends what it has from itself, what would become apprehended or same the relation with made it difficult other, in case that did not occur the proud act, for starting denigrating themselves, creating the all instant barriers...

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