The Perception Of The Baby: About Baby Blankets And Other "transitional Objects" As a baby blanket, blankie or other transitional objects convey satisfaction and comfort the baby and it reaching its self support according to the scientific findings of object relations theory and studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee convey safety and security in the development of one's personality (self-centeredness) transitional objects like cuddly blankets and baby blankets, baby blankets, infants. A, which is quite rightly chosen according to the studies by Professor Richard H. Passman may refer to such baby blankets more recently as security blankets are in the English-speaking". Transitional objects help the baby with a significant step in its development - the development and differentiation between I and the environment. In the early stage of development of an infant, this does not distinguish between the self and the own environment. His parents meet the desires and dreams of the infant, the infant assumes that his inner desire becomes reality is also objective realized. This gives you a feeling of great satisfaction and comfort the infant. In the further development of the child, this then but gradually realizes that his mother by him is different. It developed the first early form of one's own personality, ICH related. Thus, the child recognizes that exists independently of others. It recognizes its dependence on others. This process is accompanied by disappointments and fears. Transition phenomena are already visible in infants in the first year of life. Usually they occur months from 6. In this stage of development, so-called transitional objects such as baby...

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