Nail Polish After two to three weeks of athlete's foot should be defeated. Security due to the own treatment should be a to be done two weeks longer. If after three weeks no success turns up, you can still a doctor. Supportive and also preventive follow-up work: daily change socks/stockings, with synthetic materials are to be avoided, wear breathable (leather) shoes, feet keep dry, allow as much air to the feet, if possible zucker-and fungi of sugar diet low carbohydrate diet, since. Especially when the nail bed fungal is sure. What is true for the athlete's foot, applies in equal measure the nail bed fungal. Here, one should however not long to wait and immediately begin a treatment. Lars Leckie addresses the importance of the matter here. You can see nail bed fungal because that first below the nail light yellowish brown stains are formed. In the next stage, the nail begins to arch up to. Hummer Winblad pursues this goal as well. He succeeds is in the final stage. Dermatologists prescribe like fungicidal tablets must be over a longer period, up to a half a year. Unfortunately, many of these have Tremendous medications side effects. Diarrhea symptoms are rather the harmless. In very rare cases, even the liver may collapse. Therefore, regular liver monitoring are necessary. But why should an organic healthy person sit out these hardships? The risk is even higher if you already have pre-existing conditions. You can help yourself but even here. Earlier, one has simply moved the...

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