Hague VVS Haag developed energy campaign for the VVS, the Saarbrucken municipal utilities group for Versorgungs - und Verkehrsgesellschaft Saarbrucken (VVS), developed the advertising agency from Saarbrucken Haag marketing & design an activating energy campaign. With the first of three motifs, the new advertising line launched in Saarbrucken, Germany under the motto is regeneraktiv Saarbrucken on 19 July. The publicity campaign in the city and the region of the VVS, the Saarbrucker wants attention public utilities group, on the nuclear phase-out and renewable energy topics. Core theme of the campaign is the question of the energy supply of the future will look like. Analyses show that the new energy generation projects in the VVS in the future can sustain the requirements plant South and block heat and power plants (CHP) in conjunction with existing CHP Roman bridge and the coal-fired power plant in Fenne. After the completion and commissioning of all decentralized VVS cogeneration plants in 2014, the city can so renounce nuclear energy. Another goal the Group has undertaken himself, to support the transition to renewable energy sources for the supply of the city up to the year 2050. The realized creative line visualized the topic of nuclear power in surprising ways. Citizens with intelligent charm on the alternatives to nuclear energy be made aware in prominent headlines. The campaign shows how the urban group can influence the change in power generation. The visually powerful staged motifs put the slogan in the Center. The group is visible as a new force...

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