Podologin Andrea Becker Usually applies: the sooner the intervention, the less extensively the OP, the shorter the healing phase. Invisible"cuts experienced podiatrists treat also diseases such as nodes, ganglia, heel spurs, thorn warts or painful ingrown toenails. : Special new of aesthetic foot surgery in addition to the best possible operational restoration of form and function for example, feet aesthetic pioneer Wiethoff as medical specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery and certified Podiatrist pays special attention to the placement of incisions as inconspicuous places and works with specific grain-saving Suture techniques. A simple cutting up, back straight and again sewing to"is taboo in aesthetic foot surgery. For the all around perfect foot, the experienced, state-certified Podologin Andrea Becker schoolmaster in addition offers individual fusspflegerische wellness concepts in Wiethoffs practice. Cosmetic surgery for the feet toes shorten or lengthen, removing splints and thorn warts, liposuction, for example, in the area of the shackles, where fat deposits interfere with the harmonious transition from the leg to the foot, under injection of sagging skin that unsightly strongly emerge the veins at the foot leaves, hair removal on feet and legs, Botox for sweaty feet, correction of unsightly scars or hyaluronic acid injections as a first aid measure at pressure points: everything is possible today with gentle techniques and painless in an experienced surgeon hand. Facelift for the feet in the United States is long and there happy gradually in a serious and professional implementation in Germany of increasing popularity and demand", surgeon Adrian K. Wiethoff paving...

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