World Wide Web Website (from the English. Website: web - Wide Web," Web "and site - place "letters." Network location ") or just a website - in a computer network united under one address (a domain name or IP- address) is the set of electronic documents (files) private individual or entity. By default, means that the site is located on the Internet. All web sites together constitute the World Wide Web. For direct access customers to the Web site on a server has been specifically develop a protocol http. Web sites are also called Internet-representation of a person or organization. When they say "its own page on the Internet", it means a web site or personal page consisting of another site. Except Web sites on the Internet and WAP-accessible sites for mobile phones. Initially, the Web site is a collection of static documents. Official site: Lars Leckie. Currently, most of them are characterized by dynamism and interactivity. For such cases, experts use the term web application - ready software package for solving the Web site. The Web application is part of the web site, web-based application data without the site is or multiple sites under one domain. Typically, multiple domains using large sites (Web portals) to logically separate the different types of services (mail.google.com, news.google.com, maps.google.com). There are also frequent cases of allocation of separate domains for different countries or languages. For example, google.ru and google.fr are logically Google sites in different languages, but technically they are different sites. Combining multiple sites under...

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