Department Nail Fighting against frustrating results in the treatment of Onychomycosis nail fungus grows mostly undisturbed and invisible in the shadows: hardly an affected party likes to show before the fungus-infected toe nails. This is the Onychomycosis (as the nail fungus is called medical) a quite common condition, almost one in ten German citizens affected by dermatologists according to supposed. A nail Mycosis caused by infested with pathogens of fungal skin infection (usually from the Department of the dermatophytes). Mold spores are everywhere, and incriminating factors such as tight shoes, disorders of the immune system or a deteriorated circulation (as in diabetics). Once the fungus is enters the nail he can usually successfully spread. The most common form of Onychomycosis is the distal Subungual Onychomycosis (DSO): here the toenail of the free outdoor edge is (distal) arisen. About 90% of all nail fungi exhibit this picture. Other forms occur initially rare, but in the long run, each is Fungal infection in a total Dystrophic Onychodystrophy (TDO) about. Clinically, the TDO by a whole Verpilzung of the nail plate is characterized. Many patients try at first to treat nail fungus. Different nail polishes used, all of which have an antimykotischem active ingredient here. The problem with the external application is however, that the nail mycosis in the lower part of the nail is growing, and the active ingredient must first go. Because the nail by the fungus is destroyed and has many hollow Chambers this is often not the case. Whenever Eliot Horowitz...

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