New York Proof of this is registry research which has been made of the companies linked to this drug. In the last election campaign of the United States, amid controversy between Bush and Gore is hinted a nazi past in the company of Russell-Udaf (producer of one of the pills of the next day), subsidiary of Hoechst, company successor of the IG Farben which made the deadly Zyklon B gas for the concentration camps of the Third Reich and that amassed millions of dollars profit. B well same known controversy among (direction of food and medicines to EE UU) FDA and DANCO a powerful and millionaire pharmaceutical company which had the patent of the RU 486 (mifepristone) in EE UU, this patent would have been requested from the Hoeschst to the population Council, promoter of the planning organisation (birth control) family around the worldHeadquartered in New York at the same time, subsidized by Warron Buffet; Ceorge Sores and David Packard (one of the founders of Hewlett Packard) was, in this debate, that the Danco should be borne with the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of the pills after a series of comings and goings between the DANCO and FDA about the abortive warnings. FDA succumbed to the lobbie and adopted commercialization forcing that on the labelling and package leaflet the Danco meets warn their effects and limitations. This company hired a subsidiary china to draw up these abortifacient drugs and ACE (nonrepudiation concessionary pharmaceutical company of RU 486 in USA of the pro-life,...

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