Actuaries Verify Clear doubts. That's what just made Asefarma, one of the consultants of leading pharmacies in our country and which has more than 300 boticas as clients, to launch a series tips to pharmacists on how to react to a random visit from the IRS to your business. We have to be very clear is that inspectors or tributaries Actuaries are people who are doing their job and simply want to verify one data series. Whatever there is to emphasize that they are actions of check of its formal obligations, and therefore have nothing to do with an inspection of the Treasury, says Alejandro tunics Casero, Director of Asefarma... These inspectors performances have partial character in accordance with article 148 of the GLT and article 178 of the RGAT, limited to the verification of compliance with the formal obligations of the taxpayer, added. But what does him to the IRS such visits? Asefarma explains it here: -To verify the census data derived from the activity carried out in the local object of verification. -To verify the existence of books of accounting and tax records. It must be clear that in this type of review the inspectors want to verify the existence of accounting books, but not going to browse its contents, stresses tunics. -To obtain data, reports, background and supporting with tax transcendence themselves or third parties. Therefore the inspectors carry out questions such as:-fiscal domicile. -Means of regular payments to providers. -Average time between receipt of medicines and the payment...

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