Designer Outlet Roermond Who dream of airy clothes, bright colors and lightweight fabrics don't? The designer outlet Roermond makes it possible and already on 28 March 2011 is heralding the spring. The snow has melted, but the cold temperatures further postpone the end of the winter lows. To reinforce the anticipation of the new season, the designer outlet Roermond can be spring already from March 28, 2011 in its more than 100 shops. So, all fashion fans can celebrate the fashion-spring in March. The trends of the coming season relying mainly on vibrant color and revival trends. Hippie clothes, the 70s and also trouser suits should find this spring their way back in the closets. Whether stylish playful diesel and Miss Sixty, or classically elegant Escada and Strenesse here everybody will find his personal must-have of the new season, certainly not least because prices are all year round 30-70% below those recommended by the manufacturer. And after a successful and happy shopping day at the Center, is also the area around the designer outlet to debauched walks a. Even the last winter frustration is forgotten on the beautiful trails in the famous conservation area of Maasplassen' with its many lakes or in the walking Centre of Roermond and spring seems suddenly no longer so far away. Designer brands 30-70% cheaper. Collection changes in the designer outlet Roermond on 28 March 2011 Designer Outlet Roermond was the designer outlet Roermond in November 2001, opened only five kilometres behind the german Dutch border. Based on...

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